Energy-Free Super 2-Hole Waterer (SF-2C)

Energy Free Waterers

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Designed for heavy cattle use in extremely cold temperatures. Tested at -20°F for 48 hours without freezing with no animals drinking. Rim design helps keep float balls free of ice buildup. Extra-thick 4″ urethane insulation.  20 animal capacity minimum.

  • Built in hold downs
  • Non-siphoning BL water valve features fast, consistent fill, use with pressure lines from 0-55 p.s.i.
    • Additional pressure regulator required for pressures above 55 p.s.i.
  • Removable drain plugs and accessible covers
  • Fully assembled, ready to install
  • To ensure proper operation in cold weather, it is recommended that each unit be installed with the Poly Earth Tube (purchased separately)
  • For optimal performance install in shaded area in hot climates

*Warranty Note: Five year limited warranty on the body and one year limited warranty on valves and controls

Technical Information Sheet

How they work:

Heavy foam insulation keeps water at the perfect temperature, regardless of conditions.  Ground water enters the unit between 48ºF and 56ºF, where it remains until the waterer is opened by the animal.  As the animal drinks, new water enters through the automatic valve and mixes with the water already in the waterer, so it is constantly replenished and prevented from freezing.  The water in the waterer is kept in the dark, which prevents algae growth.

When the waterer is not in use, an optional Shut-Off Valve Kit prevents water from entering and drains the waterline to prevent freeze up.

Energy -Free Waterer float balls push down effortlessly, requiring half the pressure of competitors’ float balls, so even calves, sheep and other small animals can drink easily.

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