Behlen Mfg. Co.



"It is undoubtedly the best designed, heaviest round bale feeder we have ever had on the farm.

Additionally, the 624 lb. weight of feeder does not allow the cattle to move the feeder. Absolutely no hay slips out from underneath the HAYSMART feeder to be trampled like happens with a typical lightweight, traditional round bale feeder. This feeder is actually making us money. The HAYSMART bale feeder has saved Gene and many other customers a minimum of 20% of the hay feed."

Gene Winslow - Behlen Country Customer

"The Behlen Country team does a really good job for us!

I really appreciate all their efforts to get our orders turned around quickly.  We had a huge increase in sales the end of the month and needed to get replenished quickly before the weekend sales for our next Ad started. I asked them to see if they could get the orders to ship so that they would deliver  before the Weekend of the AD, and they came through for us again!!"

Jill W - Behlen Country Dealer